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Back to Basics #3

New Standard Deck BuildingKarametra

Back Story: I had been thinking of ideas for potential articles to write before the playlet tournament, and I came up with a couple candidates of some really “sweet” decks. After several days of little sleep, this past friday I received a challenge that I could not build a good deck utilizing Karametra, God of Harvest. I promptly accepted the challenge and built the deck that very night. Find below my GW Midrange list. After the list I go over card choices, how I was able to effectively build around Karametra, deck-tech against the major archetypes of the format, and why I feel the deck is positioned well for what I perceive to be the meta at the Playset Tournament.


This "Back to Basics" article is about how this deck plans on attacking the format. The primary goal is to have game against the three major archetypes of the meta.

  1. Aggro- (Mono Red, Burn, Mono Black Aggro, Mono Blue, Humans, etc.)
    • Sylvan Caryatid - 0/3 and Hexproof
    • Gyre Sage - Gets very big once it evolves
    • Voice of Resurgence - Is at least a two-for-one in most situations
    • Trostani - Five toughness and gains you life
    • Elspeth - Being a ramp deck, Elspeth makes tons of blockers
  2. Midrange- (Mono Black Devotion, Junk, RG Monsters, Jund, etc.)
    • Selesnya Charm - Kills big guys like Desecration Demon and Polukranos
    • Banishing Light - Deals with large creatures, planeswalkers and gods
    • Ajani - Digs for other planeswalkers and creatures, and helps your creatures get very big
    • Primeval Bounty - In the attrition matchup, it makes all your top decks very relevant
    • Elspeth - Kills big creatures and makes your own personal army (great with Ajani)
  3. Control- (UW Control, Esper Control)
    • Voice of Resurgence - Punishes them for playing on your turn and leaves behind a guy after Supreme Verdict
    • Banishing Light - Gives you an answer to their planeswalkers and Detention Spheres
    • Ajani - Gives you continuous card advantage and makes your guys constant threats
    • Primeval Bounty - Makes a top decked Elvish Mystic into a 3/3 token as well
    • Elspeth - A one card army

Part of building a good deck is that you are able to keep yourself in all matchups and play well to steal a few extra wins throughout the course of the day. I expect the early unsolved meta to have lots of Aggro and Midrange decks, as they are usually the best choices for a new format. I think this list has a good game against both of these archetypes and gets even better post sideboard.

Its time to be doing some hardcore testing with the full Journey Into Nyx spoiler released. I suggest you spend as much time as possible here at GP to tune your deck and get some good testing in.

See you around!
Tony Derbigny

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