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Back to Basics #2

Back to Basics #2

Monstrous Walkers

New Standard Deck Building

I have a confession to make, I am not the creator of the deck that I am about to showcase, nor did I add some sweet tech to the list.  I am actually featuring this deck because I am a green fanboy and a good friend of mine Chase Usey made the deck. Chase, being the very humble person he is, will not want to take much credit for his change of “GR Monsters”, but I think its a great list.

You may be wondering how this deck pertains to the “Back to Basics” theme of the article, I will explain.  There are several things that you can take from this deck and apply it to other strategies and other decks.  One problem that I see players make is that they do not have enough synergy.  This deck has tons of synergy in the form of 3 major card categories:

1.Mana Ramp (12x mana dorks)

2.Big Creatures ( 4x Polukranos 3x Arbor Colossus)

3.Planeswalkers (10x Planeswalker/Gods)

The best part is that there is actually lots of crossover in that the Planeswalkers perform so many different functions, such as making creatures, mana ramp, drawing cards etc. Having multiple copies of the same type of cards make the deck much more consistent than most decks will be.

You may have noticed that I have yet to talk about Burning-Tree and Courser of Kruphix, but I would actually consider them “Combo Enablers”.  One of the best things the deck can do is play out its hand very quickly via slamming a Nykthos and generating tons of mana from the Burning-Tree Emissary’s and the other mana dorks. One of the other cool “Combo” pieces is being able to gain lots of card advantage from Domri Rade and Courser of Kruphix.

Example:  You have a Courser of Kruphix and a Domri Rade in play. You draw your card for the turn, then you reveal a land card. You play the land card from the top of your deck, (make sure not to play the one from your hand), then reveal a creature card afterwards.  You are then able to +1 Domri and draw the creature. The best part about this is that if it were reverse you would get the same effect, essentially drawing two additional cards on your turn.


This deck has a few weaknesses but overall it has a lot of resiliency due to the fact that it is super fast and plays lots of planeswalkers. This list would be a great choice for the Playset Tournament this weekend. Thanks for reading and thanks for visiting the site!

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