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Brew-ha-ha #1


 By: John Brewster


So, you think you can Brew-ha-ha?


When using the word brew, it normally indicates creating some kind of concoction. You take a little of this, a little of that, throw it all together and see what turns out.  It might turn out great.  It might be horrible, but odds are that it will just be marginally effective.  It will just be missing that last piece to make it win.  That's why it is very common for people to go on the internet and look up a winning deck list from the week before, assuming it will win again.

But, if you are going to be able to beat everyone and win at a tournament, you are going to need to be a week ahead of them. But how, you ask?  Let me show you.

You see that an Esper deck won the week before, so it must be the best deck, right? You want to win, right?  So, build and play an Esper deck.

Or, you could be like Tom Ross.  He saw that an Esper deck won and realized that he needed to attack the format.  His solution was to build a deck to beat Esper. Since “everyone” will be playing an Esper deck, he built a Hyper R/G deck.  Why?  Well, Esper has trouble dealing with early creatures, that’s why.  

If you can be ahead of the format week to week, you will be able to show up and take everyone by surprise. 


 As the weeks go on, I will be writing about all the different Brew-ha-ha’s and how to attack the format.


Wait!  Did I forget to tell you what a Brew-ha-ha is?


Brew-ha-ha: The act of a fight or skirmish, most commonly with a group of people.


No, I'm not going to be talking about physical fights or any drama that goes on. I’ll be talking about fighting the format, about the fights that go on in the matches between opponents, about fighting through round after round to win the big tournaments. I will also be reporting on local and out-of-town tournaments that I will be attending.   The next tournament I will be attending will be the Star City Games open in Dallas on April 12th-13th.  I will be writing about it in my next article. So until then keep brewing!


- Jbrew 

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