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Straight Value : Prologue





You will never get rich playing Magic.

Now that we got that out of the way, I’m going to discuss how to get value out of playing Magic. There are several reasons people play magic. Fun, competition, problem-solving, camaraderie are just a few of the needs Magic fulfills. Making sure you maximize whatever it is you want from the game without going broke is what this article series will be about. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be talking about budget brews that might squeak out a win at FNM. To be honest, you probably won’t see any decklists in my articles; that market is saturated. This also won’t be a financial speculation article series. What it will be is fundamental ways of not leaking value everywhere by making poor decisions and looking for opportunities to gain value.

In my next article I will go over finding value locally in your card shop.

This coming weekend, there will be a huge value blowout in the form of the Gamers Paradise Journey into Nyx Playset tournament (SCG Super IQ). Winner takes home 4 of each card in Journey into Nyx along with an Invite to an upcoming SCG Invitational. Not having to pay for new cards for several months of a format is straight value. May 3rd, 10am, i’ll see you there.


-Jason Bullock

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