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M15 Set Preview

M15 Set Preview
By Daniel Suydam
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It's that time again. A new set is upon us. The catch this time being that Magic 2015 is not just any set. It's arguably the best core set in quite a while. It not only sets the new face of standard, but also gives us some awesome reprints to work with.

M15 does not disappoint. We get Chord of Calling, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Preeminent Captain, and the cycle of enemy colored pain lands to name a few. Urborg and Chord (and even Shivan Reef) all see play in modern, so they are sure to see at least some play in standard. I believe Urborg, Captain, Chord, and the pain lands will be major players going forward in the format and will also bring on some new decks before standard rotates. Mono Black can just add Urborg to help with casting Nightveil Specter. It also makes splashing what ever color they want easier. All of the mono green and green-based devotion decks get Chord of Calling and I believe it will put mono green over the top. Lastly, Preeminent Captain will most likely form a soldier deck. There are 69 different soldiers in standard right now for you to combine with it.

Reprints aside, we get a ton of sweet new cards to shake things up. Last year's core set gave us Mutavault, Lifebane Zombie, Burning Earth and Chandra's Phoenix which were major players in standard. This time, we get a new cycle of slivers and they really are not playing around. Combine them with the new sliver land and you may be on to something. Slivers could be a new player before rotation hits and maybe even when Khans of Tarkir comes out. The next set of cards we get are the planeswalkers. We get a new Ajani, Jace, Garruk and Nissa.

Ajani Steadfast is sure to see play at the top of the curve for white aggressive decks. Jace, the Living Guildpact is an interesting card. Most everyone thinks he will have no impact on standard, but Wizards is obviously making an attempt to slow the format down and this new planeswalker will thrive in a slow format. Garruk, Apex Predator is just huge, and while he doesn't have a home that he fits in right now, you can be sure that people will build decks with him in mind. Nissa, Worldwaker fits nicely into any green devotion decks and provides a very powerful late game along with Garruk, Caller of Beasts.

Magic 2015 is sure to be a great core set, bringing an absurd amount of sweet cards to the table. These next few months will be a brewer's paradise, and you can definitely count on deckbuilders to thrive in this new standard.

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